Instructions and Warranty Info

J.Ciro Series III Chronographs - User Manual

Each J.Ciro S3 Chronograph is powered by a reliable Seiko Mecaquartz movement, specifically the Seiko VK67.

To learn how to best use the Seiko VK67, please review the manual here.


Each J.Ciro Watch purchase comes with standard services, including:

Free Watch Battery Replacement

It's not fun for anyone to have a dead watch battery. J.Ciro wants to see your watch on your wrist. If your battery dies, J.Ciro will replace it for you free of charge. This service is good for the life of the watch.

Free Watch Strap Installation

J.Ciro encourages its customers to explore different straps on their watches. If you purchase a new J.Ciro strap for your J.Ciro watch and would like to have it installed for you, simply mail J.Ciro the watch and we will do it for you. 

Watch Care & Cleaning

To clean your watch's case or crystal, lightly moisten a soft cloth with warm water. Applying minimal pressure, proceed to wipe your case and crystal clean. Be careful not to immerse the watch in water, nor to apply too much pressure during cleaning. Avoid soaking the leather strap in water. Thoroughly dry your case, crystal, and strap with a soft dry cloth, being careful to apply minimal pressure again. A free cleaning is included with our battery replacement or strap installation services.

Two-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Each J.Ciro watch is covered by our standard Two-Year Manufacturer Warranty starting from the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects due to faulty material or workmanship, subject to normal conditions of use during warranty period. Your watch will be repaired or replaced free of charge if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. This warranty covers any malfunctions of the watch movement. If malfunction is impossible to repair, the watch will be replaced. In case of replacement, you will receive brand-new watch of the same or equivalent model based on the current availability. All shipping charges within the USA are covered by this warranty.

Our warranty can not cover damage caused by accidents, improper or abusive use (including knocks, dents, crushing, etc.), normal wear and tear of the components, or damage caused by alterations, tampering and dismantling. Lastly, J.Ciro can not cover scratches to the case or cyrstal / glass as this is considered normal wear and tear.

Should you experience any damage to your watch, please reach out to us.

What does Water Resistant 5 ATM mean?

All J.Ciro Watches are Water Resistant at 5 ATM / 50 Meters. A common misconception is that 5 ATM means the watch can withstand swimming as deep as 50 meters beneath the surface. This is incorrect. 5 ATM, instead relates to atmospheric pressure. The official measurement is atmosphere (ATM), which is equal to 10 meters of static water pressure. Watches generally come in contact with non-static water, though e.g., waves at the beach, rain-water, garden hoses, water coming from the faucet. All of these instances have water hitting your watch at different pressures and anything over 5 ATM can damage your watch, even if your watch is only exposed for a limited time.

J.Ciro's general recommendation is to avoid swimming / sub-merging your watch in water and never dive or spray water at your watch. That said, don't worry if you get caught in the rain, get splashed, or get your watch wet while washing your hands. 

Please reach out to us with any further questions.